by Nadina Boun

Reminiscence (Also found on Goodreads)

Image: pakorn / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Burdened by its weight, the sun breaks down in confusion
as it falls gently into the immensity of the horizon,
the sky putting her white dotted black dress
hides the ugliness of the night in its darkness.

A woman stands atop the roof, staring at this painting
writing in the sky a message that’s slowly fading,
she wishes to be part of this changing scene
hoping to meet again someone she hasn’t long seen.

The roar of an engine of a plane, far ahead
reminds her of the joys of old days, now dead;
she remembers herself walking down the altar,
she remembers a love brighter than any star,

And in the blackness of the night, lost to reality
she wishes he can read the messages she’s writing,
but to the Heavens, she hope he is now gone
as a tear slips down her cheek, an echo to her song.


Bright is your love (copyright Nadina Boun 2011) You can also rate and comment on Mywordwizard.com

Image: Danilo Rizzuti / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I hear chimes in the air;
bells are ringing somewhere,
the wind blows a tune in my head
the birds greet this song, far ahead,
the sun shines still with warming rays
and a promise for much better days,
the sky is clear, the fog has gone,
clouds are near but the moon is strong,
shining bright in an endless starry night
your love takes me away in its flight;
the tender way you caress my heart
leaves me speechless from the start,
the sweet embrace where you hold me tight
lifts me to heaven where all is bright.


My dedicated poem to Zero-Project, inspired by his music : Zero-Project FB page

Melodies (to zero-project) Copyright Nadina Boun 2011

zero-project-wallpaperImage by Zero-project.gr

Many emotions I have experienced,
Many dreams I have seen,
My heart cried and rejoiced
For what is and could have been.

In this journey my soul stirred
as the notes played and spoke,
whispering in poetry, rhymed
with a touch of a wind’s stroke.

Soft were the hands on my face
from his piano’s caressing notes,
encouraging was the embrace
of his electric vibes and tones.

In a dream I sank, my soul lifted,
at the sound of his symphonies,
meaning I held, to earth and beauties
and a new strength I did not know existed.

It is a project that at zero was told,
growing within the heart of its creator,
birthing melodies for time to hold,
and many a tale for one life’s narrator.


Will I say – Nadina Boun, 2011 (Also on poetry group on Goodreads.)

image by ExsodusImage: Exsodus / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Will I tell you the moon brightens your eyes,
where passion ignites behind orbs that shine,
Will I tell you how your skin shimmers in the night,
when under covers you shiver with delight,
Will I tell you the thought of you
makes me sing by day,
Before you pull me into your embrace,
with nothing to say,
Will I tell you how you make whole,
a hole in my soul,
when I smile, cry, breathe,
or sigh when we are alone,
Will I ever tell you the only words
you ache to hear,
when you are stripped of defenses,
excuses and fear,
Will I say the words,
that perhaps will make you stay,
before the sun goes up,
and you are gone with a new day?


The space between us (Copyright Nadina Boun 2011) Also posted on Goodreads.

Image: federico stevanin / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

The space between us
where our hopes and dreams lay,
where our emotions and feelings surface,
where our fears and insecurities stand.

The space between us,
where laughter echoes,
where tears fill the gap,
where love pulls us closer,
where pain keeps us apart.

The space between us
is where we stand on different grounds,
the thoughts we share combined,

the space between us
is you and I,
together and apart.


Your addiction (Copyright Nadina Boun, 2011)

Image: Salvatore Vuono / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Your love folds me under its wings of passion,
freedom remains a word, spoken in ashes,
Higher I am lifted with a touch of sweetness,
drowning in your eyes became my weakness,
Your love enraptures me in a web of longing,
where every thread brings me back crawling,
the sweet taste of your lips is an addiction
that draws every breath in perfect seduction.


Chained Love. (Copyright Nadina Boun, 2011)

Image: Piyaphon / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

You have awakened my soul,
shaken my existence, my living,
I cannot function anymore,
nor recognize my own being,
Who am I, where do I belong,
feels I’ve been lost, for so long.
Will the pain go with time,
will the feelings appease?
My wings are broken, I cannot fly,
all I want to do is scream.
My soul is gone,
leaving me in tears, alone,
I am chained, though I am free,
Chained by this love I feel.


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9 thoughts on “Poetry”

  1. You have misspelled the word taste ( tatse ) 🙂
    Who is your addiction Nadina ?

  2. Cheers! Yeah Ill correct that momentarily!

  3. She’s riding hard into the cold moonlit night
    Flying onward, veering neither left nor right
    Sensing His pounding heart on the thick cloying air
    Whispering,soon I will return,this time for Thee I have no care
    For Him the decades have crawled past
    And now She has come again at long last
    A consant companion in his bygone years
    Her presence for him holds no mysteries nor fears
    His strength is fading as He moves to greet his Love
    Her caress on his scarred face as gentle as a velvet glove
    The old Warrior embraces Her, A Lost Love regained
    And as they ride on ,sadly,only His memory remains
    Swiftly into the west the rising sun they race
    Bitter longing slips from them with Gods Grace

  4. I love the way you write, some of your poetry is beautiful and leaves the reader in awe. However beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Keep doing what you are doing because persistence pays in the end.

  5. Will I say is a very touching and beautiful poem,sweet words from the heart.

  6. Another soul breaker Gypsy

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