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Just a collection of random thoughts here and there…. You may quote me if you want, many people have! Cheers.

 Image: samarttiw / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

“Something as love, perceived to be a weakness, may yield to acts of great courage.” (read the article)
“To think or not to think, to rule or not to rule? This is the new question.”
“It’s always the exception that sets the rule.”
With all the chatter and broken promises, my new saying is
“Don’t tell me, don’t promise me, surprise me!”

Image: Evgeni Dinev / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

“Love, we all talk about it, we all wish for it and most of the time we shun away from it.”
“In dreams my muse is awakened and through love and pain it speaks your name…”
“Life is such a journey on a sea of constant waves and splashing desires.”
“If you can’t be around when I’m down, please don’t bother when I’m up. Ill be too busy to notice you’re around…”
“Find someone who will accept you the way you are, and in whose company you feel comfortable enough to be who you truly are.”

“Even the greatest of the great falls at times!”
“Never assume what others are thinking, but why ask when you already have an answer!?”
“Always trust your First Instinct!”
“One can never get enough of beauty in whichever shape or form.”

“Everyday I learn something new, sometimes by chance, sometimes by trial and error.”
“Morning breaks, the rain dissipates, the moon is gone, a new day’s at dawn…”
“Man will destroy what man fears!”

“When in confusion look inside. Is it pride or anger holding you back? Then sit down and think again, you may yet get a clearer answer.”
“Indecision is a human trait… If only things were clear at times, the mind would not need to wander in confusion…”
“In my weakness, I almost stumbled, but reason held me back.”
“Give thanks to every new day, for it may hold beauty and peace not yet seen.”
“And when fallen, maturing with the pain of her suffering, she rises above what is common.”

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“Ah, the pleasure of such simple things as watching the sun set behind clouds, feeling the whipping of the rain, witnessing the sky shift and change!”

“It’s always good, and at times a great comfort and pleasure, to have a friend…”

“Small amounts in small measures produce the best effects, in all areas of life…”
“Love is such a complex emotion, I am beginning to think it is a curse…”

A bit of sarcasm:
“I see you working hard,” said she, sarcasm from her lips dripping,
“very well, keep on working, oblivious to what is coming….”
And without turning back, she pressed her heels out the door,
In his ignorance and folly, he stumbled after her towards the floor.”

My many definitions of LOVE:
Loving you, Oh so sweet, Very much til, Eternity
Lost, Oh soul, Viciously, Evermore
Languishing, Oh desire, Vain with greed, Everlasting
Lonesome, Oppressed, Vile, Ever ending
Living, On love, Victoriously, Entertaining

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