A Heartstorm

A Heartstorm

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A heartstorm is a collection of poems, written over 12 years with heartfelt expressions, in rhymed verse, prose and narratives. A Heartstorm is a window to the soul in poetic forms is available in print and e-book version with a total of 68 poems, rated and selected by three different people. Thank you Karen, Brad and Steve for you time and effort and review.

A Hearstorm poetry collection cover

A hearstorm poetry collection cover

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Read A Heartstorm Interview at Thedigitalinkspot.blogspot.com and the review

Other REVIEWS on Amazon

“There is not one poem in this book that I could not relate to on some level. The words used really manage to move you. I don’t think there’s any audience that could not relate to these poems as they describe love and loss and life. My favourite poem from this collection has to be ‘It was always you’ on page 11 however there are quite a few near the end of the book that I found really inspiring too. What I adore most about this collection of poems is that they are not over exaggerated love and beauty but they explore the depths of love and loss, the way it really is.” – Mazz18

“This excellent poetry collection is the mirror of our lives: Love, pain, nostalgy, passion and hope; all the human feelings aranged into a beautiful projection of our existence. If every word was a note, this collection would be one of the most beautiful melodies I have heard. If I would be asked to pick out some poems, I would choose the “Disguise” on page 26 and the “Flames of passion” on page 40, even if it is difficult to make this choice; every poem is wonderful. I am not a poetry judge, I am a simple man who has been touched by such a heart-made expression and I suggest it by heart… ” – Nikos

Feel free to visit my poetry page for samples of my work.

Enjoy the Book trailer and excerpt or read the Press Release

Poem “silent Peace” excerpt

MUSIC by Zero-Project

4 thoughts on “A Heartstorm”

  1. This is for everyone,those in love,out of love or those simply enthralled by the lush glory of the liquid blue fire that is LOVE. A wonderful gift for Christmas or better Valentines day.

    Vive La’mour

  2. Thank you cowboy for being one of 3 to rate the poems in this book…

  3. Touch my heart is what I desire of words in prose, and in such I seek that which can give me the glow of what seems a lucid dream. In these pages I found such words and from such I found many a dream, now all I wish is for them to become true. A collection of words of honey and dew.

  4. Oh dear! Jordana I believe you are the poet praising yet another poet:) Thank you for the nice comment.

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