Le Duc

Le Duc

Le Duc Book Cover Image

Written mostly in rhymed verse,
to read, play or to rehearse,
Personally, I like a rhyme,
it sounds sweet like a chime…
This is a one act play that I wrote in 2008 and revisited in 2011 for publishing.
Le Duc is based on 17th century French plays and is based in France, though written in English.
This single dramatic act revolves around a duke (Le Duc) and his companions, beginning with the news of a tragic death in the funniest way possible. As the plot unravels, honor, love, and hidden agendas are revealed between the Duc and his companions.
Le Duc is written in a combination of both modern and old English, with poetic rhymes as in the old French style.
You will not put the play down once you start, if you like to read theatrical plays, that is for sure. No one has yet, and many eyes have already gazed upon it with laughter and critiques.
The book is available in print only, at Amazon and Createspace, however if you need a sample or excerpt for theatrical plays, projects and such, please contact me.
Thank you.

Cover design original image taken from Freedigitalphotos by (xedos4).

4 thoughts on “Le Duc”

  1. Vegas Charlie said:

    Vive le theatre… An enjoyable old school tale.

  2. Thank you for the feedback Charlie, I was thinking of performing it on Fremont…

  3. who said theatre is dead Le Duc is a wonderful one act play,this one needs to be seen.

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