Earth And Venus

Earth and Venus

Earth And Venus-Nadina Boun-cover img“A wonderful combination of human nature, desire and lust, set on a stage of galactic proportion.” Brad Gore.

“Pretty cool love story,I really like the sci fi angle and the author knows how to turn a phrase. Definetly worth the time and effort,Well done Nadina.” by Stefan chevaux/Smashwords

(A short excerpt from the Book Earth and Venus, Copyright Nadina Boun)

“Back at the beginning of time, when space was the only stretching void present in the universe, two planets came into collision. Venus, a high tempered planet, evaded the gaseous Jupiter so as not to expose its atmospheric conditions to possible explosive contact, and came crashing into Earth’s atmosphere. Earth, a rocky surface submerged by water, lost to the void of the universe before exploration of the human species came into existence, shook at the impact of such a shock.

Upon radar interception, the two planets requested communication in order to establish a mutual transfer of identifying data. This cosmic dance, bringing these two particles together in the universe, caused a great disturbance to space. Venus, humbly granted permission to the planet that grants all others’ permissions: Earth, soon to become the most inhabited planet in the universe. Interception was crystal as both began interchanging valuable information.”

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Earth And Venus (Nook)
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1 thought on “Earth And Venus”

  1. As a science fiction fan I found this to be an interesting twist on the genre, very well written and worth the time to download and read. keep up the great work.

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