The Thinking Man

The Thinking Man, Paralysis by Analysis

Warning: Book contains adult content

The Thinking Man book cover image by Nadina Bounthinking Man Cover Illustrated

“To think, or not to think?”

That is the Thinking man’s question,

as it becometh a paralysis

out of excessive analysis.

Below is an Excerpt from the book, The Thinking Man, Paralysis by Analysis, Copyright by Nadina Boun, featuring the rules of the ShagNQuit and the rules of the Drink Host.

“The rules of ShagNQuit

Upon the hearing of the chime, rules must be adhered to as set here-forth as the rules of this castle:

If by chance thou wakest to see daylight, please vacate the premises Immediately.

Never attempt to wake His Highness.

Breakfast shall never be served, period.

Please collect all evidence of thy stay and discard in the outside garbage bin.

Never attempt to contact His Highness, beyond this encounter. Any further contact shall be made by him.

There must be a minimum of a two week period before the next shag IF desired by His Highness.

Should His Highness, by fatal error, plant a seed in thy belly, make thyself as scarce as can be, close to invisible.

Donations welcome!

We are sure you enjoyed your short stay and the pleasure was all yours. Thank you for visiting the Cockpit of Air Highness!

Written in association with Hung li-git (aka legit), His Majesty’s lower brain, and Hung lao-xi (aka lousy), His Majesty’s upper brain.


Rules of the Drink host

Should His Highness ever invite thee over for a drink, acceptance is mandatory.

Always bring His Highness a nice bottle of scotch regardless of what thou drinkst.

Plenty of refreshments will be provided by thee, please make sure His Highness’ glass is always full.

An invitation is by no means a contract to a shag. A Shag requested by His Highness on the other hand is mandatory.

Please treat the castle in regards to cleanliness only, as though it were yours.

Upon the last tune, make sure thou do not findst thyself lounging on couches.

Whence His Highness is no longer in sight, please find thy way to the exit door, promptly.

Do not attempt to make a toast unless thou art boasting about His Highness.

If by chance thy hands are full and a toast is proposed by His Highness, thy glass must be raised using one or another of thy limbs.

Vacate the lavatory immediately regardless of thy position, should His Highness attempt to open the door.

No fornication is to be allowed on the premises unless it includes His Highness.

Lastly, thou shall never lay thy hands on His Highness’ last bottle of scotch, else thy punishment is death in exile.

Thank you for accepting the terms and conditions of the drink invitation.”

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“The thinking man really makes me laugh. It is a fun look at the game of love and the rules of engagement based on humorous observation with an undercurrent of brutal honesty. While Erma Bombeck is no longer with us we now have Nadina Boun to put smiles on the faces of all fun loving readers.” – Karnak

“I’m not much of a reader, but I thoroughly enjoyed reading this short book. It was very entertaining and thought provoking. The author encompasses the thoughts and feelings of both sexes through the rules of conduct, making this book a great roller coaster ride of human emotions and experiences. Well worth the read over a cup of coffee! ” – Vegas Charlie

Read the Book Review by Ruth Hill

Get the book, available at (lire un extrait en Francais )

I hope you have enjoyed this book sample and hope to see you more on my pages.

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10 thoughts on “The Thinking Man”

  1. Outstandingly funny,witty and insightful, especially the last chapter, fun rules for the human condition

  2. Thank you Cowboy! I am glad you enjoyed your copy:)

  3. Vegas Charlie said:

    You read my mind! I thorroughly enjoyed the ride on the roller coaster of the human mind.

  4. Cheers Charlie! You would have enjoyed the illustrated version even more.

  5. The thinking man really makes me’s a fun look at the game of love and the rules of engagement based on humorous observation with a undercurrent of brutal honesty. While Erma Bombeck is no longer with us we now have Nadina Boun to put smiles on the faces of all fun loving readers.

  6. Waw thank you Karnak

  7. Oh the whit of a women who sees the light in words of whit reflecting our society. In women’s whim of secret laughter of our lives this is a story for us.
    Very entertaining in my view as one who likes women, as it’s the touch of my cynical side against society’s rules.

    This is something you need at your side for those moments of despair, but also in a moment when you need to smile.

  8. Unexpected review! thank you, I am glad this read appeals to both men and women as each perceives the rules from their own view. Thank you Jordana for the comment

  9. I love it – the slight edge of fairy tale gone wrong plus the grief of modern life, clever…

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