As a writer, I need to keep track of the steps to follow for publishing and marketing my book once it is written.

The first thing I usually do is copyright the manuscript once the book is done and checked for spelling errors and the cover design is already done too. It is easy and done online at

Then I prepare to launch my book before the print version is out. Press releases and youtube videos are a good way to spread the word. Free press release sites I use include and free-press-release

For videos, beside youtube, there are sites for book trailers too, like and where authors can submit their own. And for an extensive list and tips visit

It is a good idea to search for bloggers to review the book before its launch, but I have not had any luck finding any book review blogger to fit the genre I write in or accept a review on short notice. Most bloggers have a waiting period before they get to your book or mine, so it is a challenge for me, I found. But keep trying, I suppose, is the best way to go.

Once this is done, I upload my PDF to createspace and wait for the proof copy to check it before I publish it. Once the print is out, I usually start with the e-book versions.

For Kindle edition, I use their suggested method, mobipocketcreator to convert my .doc file to .prc and kindlereviewer to check how it will show on kindle.

Then comes Barnes & Noble, and this one is a little tricky. So I save my .doc into html format then I open it in Sigil and make the corrections for chapter and page breaks and the table of content. Once this is done, I save under .epub and upload it for Nook.

Smashwords is easy, because their site does the conversion automatically and will let you know if you have any errors. Once conversions are complete, I make sure to download the .epub file and check its validity.

Now that the book is out, comes the tough part of marketing.

I have gathered many links where authors can post excerpts of their books, or just list their books.

Some sites recommend engaging in groups and conversation and creating a page profile. I have not been very good at engaging in conversation, although I have posted excerpts and other articles, here and there.






And I recently joined Indie authors unite and The independent author network ($25 fee) groups of authors helping other authors through networking.

Other sites that are also great to just list your book under their listings









littlewhitebook for Poetry E-books

I have not found many stand alone poetry sites, but I submit a poem or two on other sites for exposure.

world-class-poetry for review and poemsaplenty as well as zouchmagazine for exposure.

Scripts and plays are tougher I noticed, because one can submit for a review, or enter contests and competitions. So I found three where I can upload my script for review or listing or possible production.



theatrevault coming soon

I am certain there are many more that I have not found out yet. However I am not even on a budget, and so all of the above are free to use. But there are many marketing sites for authors that will surely increase publicity.

Finally, I make sure to also update my blog pages to include my books with links to all retailers and trailers or press releases. Also updating Facebook author page and certainly tweet about it all.

Bloggers are very important however and I keep looking out for someone to review my book in exchange for a free copy, since most readers are driven by a good review. There is also the book nook club and kindle book review

And a great place to get reviews on Amazon by readers by posting your book for a free copies to readers at Indie review exchange

Assisting Authors

Sure I harass friends and family to leave a review on my blog, after giving them a signed copy of my book:)

I will keep this page updated when I find something new, for myself and all of you authors out there who found it helpful.


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