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March 11-2012: Featured on Go Indie

March 11-2012: Interview on

Feb 14-2012: Re-post for valentine at Rich Weatherly

Feb 11-2012: Interview at O.W.L

Feb 10-2012: Mini tour by Lightningbookpromotions

Jan 28-2012: Review of A heartstorm at The Digital Ink Spot

Jan 25-2012: The thinking man Review by Ruth Hill

Jan 25-2012: Interview for A Heartstorm at The Digital Ink spot.

Jan 24-2012: Review of The four letters of Love at Bookescapes

Jan 20-2012: Feature Friday at Alesha Escobar’s page

Jan 19-2012: Guest post on Love at Wodke Hawkinson’s page

Jan 17-2012: Review of The Four Letters of Love by Rich Weatherly

Jan 3-2012: Book trailer for “The Four Letters of Love”

Dec 30-2011: Interview of The Thinking Man character by Author Marie Harbon

Dec 28-2011: Rules of the drink Excerpt at Cooking with Miss Havana Blog

Dec 26-2011: On the blog tour for the sunstoppedshining.blogspot

Dec 20-2011: Interview at Dicey’s Blog

Dec 15-2011: Thinking Man’s excerpt for a drink at

Dec 7-2011: The thinking man Illustrated trailer

Nov 29-2011: Interview with Jodi Langston on Authorsnook

Nov 25-2011: In the spotlight at kenhoss.blogspot

Nov 25-2011: Trailer Silent Peace poem excerpt from A Heartstrom

Nov 23-2011: New Interview channel page

Nov 16-2011: Press Release A Heartstorm in poetic forms revealed on paper

Nov 15-2011: Book Trailer A Heartstorm Book Video Launch

Oct 19-2011 : Press Release 17th Century plays back in style

Oct 9-2011 : Book trailer The Thinking Man Paralysis

Sept 30-2011 : Press Release Earth and Venus cosmically lands on Kindle

Sept 30-2011 : Press Release Rules of human conduct Kindle edition


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