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Happy Halloween Everyone! November starts tomorrow and there are some few things going on that many of us look forward to.

First, here is a photo for you; an owl at CSN saying hello, and Happy Halloween.

 One legged owl blending with the rocks-perfect for halloween

One legged owl blending with the rocks-perfect for halloween


As every November, the National Novel Writing Month, many writers look forward to participating in Nanowrimo to complete a new novel. So, starting tomorrow, I will be one of those writers dedicating some time daily to write and write some more.

Tip of the month for this Nanowrimo project:

  • Reserve a spot in your calendar for at least 30 minutes that you know you can spare every day.
  • As you sit down to write, shoot for at least 3 pages that day or more if you can. You may need to go over 30 minutes of course, but stay with 30 minutes as a minimum. That will allow you to sit there and focus and just do it.
  • Follow the advice of the Nanowrimo team and update your word count daily, no matter what that number is. That will keep you motivated and looking forward to more.
  • Good luck if you are participating.


Also happening this November is the Kindle Fire contest held by the Independent Author Network which will be rewarding some lucky wonderful readers one of three giveaways:

One 7″ Kindle Fire

One 7″ Kindle Fire HDX


One 8.9″ Kindle Fire HDX

The contest will begin November 1st tomorrow, so make sure you check the contest page at the IAN blog for the giveaway on December 24th of 2013. And the best part about this is that each Kindle has over 100 indie published books pre-loaded for you.


Mark Black Friday on your calendar for all these gorgeous markdowns on your favorite brands. Also remember you can beat the crowd and get great deals online. We all know Amazon of course.

Shop Amazon – Countdown to Black Friday Deals Week