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What could an author do in his/her spare time? Well, I usually like to go hiking occasionally and I make it a point to work out at least every other day. I have been working out to BeachBody’s DVD challenges and will be posting some reviews on that in later posts. But for now, I am so excited to say there is something new on Amazon.

Yes, I am so excited to share with you my new book Hiking Companion: Easy guide on what to wear, hiking essentials, safety and checklists. Back in September, I have taken part of the yearly Challenge by Ed Dale and unlike last year, I did complete the 30 day challenge this time. Although it was indeed challenging, I am happy to say I have learned so much in the process. And as a result I have created a new kindle book related to my outdoors website campingnstuff to encourage more and more people to get outdoors. This guide was written as an informational ebook to set beginner hikers on the right track and mindset to having a pleasant outdoors experience.

Hiking Companion: Easy guide on what to wear, hiking essentials, safety and checklists

So here is a description of what Hiking Companion can offer you

An easy to read manual on all you need to know to start your day hikes on the right foot and go forward. It is about getting you prepared on what to expect and need to know before you begin.

How to plan

What to wear

Tips on safety

Essential emergency items and why you need them

Basic survival skills and links

Fitness and basic skills advice

Tips on hydration and nutrition

References and links to famous trails

Overnight backpacking advice

3 ready to print checklists for emergency, hiking and overnight essentials and gear

Get your gear ready by checking off items from the checklists before you go out hiking.

You can take your hiking companion with you on your hikes, right from your phone and have access to all the information you might need while on the trail; like how to tie knots or just as a reminder or some precautions and safety measures.

I hope you will find the information and checklists in this book useful and clear to help you begin your outdoors journey safely and enjoyably.

I encourage anyone wanting to get into online marketing to keep an eye for next year’s challenge.  And tell everyone you know there is never been a better time to get outdoors.

Get your Hiking Companion guide book at Amazon and get your hiking checklists by signing up to my CampingNstuff newsletter page.