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It took one guest post to make me realize many things.
Ever since I wrote Why poetry and love? hosted by duo author Wodke Hawkinson, and came to the realization that a poem is a feeling, I was also able to understand why I was holding on so tightly to my poetry collection of A Heartstorm. Because it was still subjective.
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Now, I can admit that A heartstorm: A window to the soul in poetic forms to me is an account of the pain of growing and maturing and that I owe it thanks for my own maturity. That being said, I no longer have a problem with how others see it, for it is no longer mine. I only feel gratitude for what I have learned from it. I am also considering re-formatting the e-book and adding images as well. It is a long collection after all.

Image: Evgeni Dinev / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

The Four letters of Love, on the other hand is made to inspire for through the visions and the strength, I drew hope and courage to carry on. Love is not just about the way you feel for a lover, love includes loving one’s self, family, friends, surroundings and yes the creator. I suppose it also could be seen as a poetic attempt to satisfy our desperate need to believe in something called love.

Although a few have known the word love, most of us including myself, have probably never loved for our love was a selfish need, idea, feeling or even desire. I came to understand for instance that I have always loved the feeling rather than the person. But love needs not be about how we feel, for love can also be seen by looking into a stranger’s eyes all the way to their soul. While humans have the capacity to be really evil, we were all born innocent. Love surpasses one person’s needs, for love can lead to acts of great courage when love becomes pure.
Pure does not mean in my world heavenly, but without hidden agendas, without selfish desires, devoid of the constant need for gratification. By pure, I mean looking through to one’s soul and capturing the essence of that soul in all the beauty it possesses.
It may all sound a little crazy or impossible and I believe it is due to the fact that we never want to try, because it also means forgetting about ourselves for a while. And humanity is known to be somewhat selfish. I will leave it at that, and for those who will read either collection, I only hope they will find something to learn from it.

I have learned so much since last September, when I began publishing and now I find it is essential and crucial to get feedback and reviews, even interviews to promote the book before its official release. Little did I know when I first launched The thinking man, paralysis by analysis.

I am no longer sure however, that I would like to write more poetry. Although poetry is needed still in our world, just like a painting, or a song, I have come to find that it is not much sought.
In addition to that, my last account from the past two years involved a lot of reasoning and less poetry. My feelings are no longer so much about a subjective narration but refer to a global generalization. I think of these thoughts as wisdom quotes; perhaps I have finally matured.

I am not sure where the road will take me or how it will affect my writing. For the moment, I leave it at that as well.

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Thank you to all those who have been supporting me and the launch of this new book.