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While everyone is taking the SOPA bill so seriously and speaking facts and analysis, I opted to play with it.

So here is a little story …

Since the beginning of man’s evolution, human beings have searched in every direction to improve on their existence.
At one point in time something known as the world wide web, or the internet was born and gave everyone a chance to speak their mind.
People began to connect over distnaces from one country to the other.
Companies began selling elsewhere what was sold locally, prior to the expansion and market reach.
Every person who had something to say, expressed his/her views.
Artists began sharing their work and exposing themselves.
A new means of advertising was born.
Then people began connecting and meeting new people through social media.
And more people began enjoying games with others online.
Some ventured into a virtual world and looked forward to fantasy ville everyday.

On a dark night however, some ill minded people saw the opportunity to benefit from deficiencies in this internet world, and began their attack.
Some of these ill minded people began hacking important organizations and stealing their confidential information.
Other ill minded people began stealing content and movies, music and books and distributing them over the internet in a piracy act and copyright violation.
Then some greedy people began scamming other users and taking their money online with no trace of them being found for their virtual account was shut thereafter.
The government realized he was no longer collecting proper tax on all user generated sites and raised a brow.
Big corporations saw a small but existing threat from self published artists and authors and filmmakers, and web content users and so on, that they too raised a few brows.
Then other ill minded people preyed on those artists and scammed them, preyed on housewives looking for online jobs and sold them many unwanted and non functioning products and scammed them.
Then more ill minded people began stealing other people’s identities and using their credit and bank accounts to rob them of their own money in many fraudulent ways.

Prefering to remain in power, the media was concerned why the news is no longer in her hands and saw everyone distribute their own ideas, stories, even news through many channels and in different formats. She became jealous too.
Then bookstores and record stores closed down and suffered economical loss because of the digital content over the internet.
And big companies complained when their content was being manipulated by users of the internet on social media sites and sought a way to control it and limit the use of their material.

Ah, the government then said, seeing how some top secret information has also been leaked over the internet, and realizing that the non US world had major access to US material through illegal and non taxable distribution.
Then the big greedy companies complained to the head government some more in order to reclaim their lost content now in the hands of the internet all over the globe.
Main greedy companies demanded a restriction of the use of its content in violation to its rights.
But the free internet world rebelled against being brainwashed by the big media and giant distributors of content, and complained about losing touch with the open world and free market, and was specifically concerned about self expression.
But the government was very mad to see money escape its pockets, to see his big allies lose power, to see confidential and even dangerous information so casually abundant in the wrong hands, and more so to find that his media right hand was losing its influence.

Moral of the story : “It is always the exception that sets the rule.” (Me)

All good intentions eventually turn bad, because somehow, someone wants to take advantage and corrupt the good. And then one exception leads to another until some measures call to be taken causing those part of the crime as well as the innocent to suffer the consequences.