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Vacation Time ….

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So, I have been really stressed lately, running a thousand ideas in my mind in regards to new stories, publishing, marketing and so on.

I had begun writing a story back in November 2011 for nanowrimo, but could not complete it due to some events and when I picked up my story to continue, my ideas shifted and changed. For a while I kept visiting that story and wondering why it is no longer flowing. Then it occurred to me, as I thought about other ideas and other stories that I was doing too much at the same time and not giving the story its own time.

Another thing I have come to realize is the fact that I was detached from my character. I asked myself whether I was writing because I was enjoying the story or simply because I had it in mind and knew how and where it was going. That being said, it was obvious that I was no longer in character which made writing the story very hard.

Surely, revisiting short stories, working on “The Four Letters of Love” and worrying about getting a job did not help my creativity nor did it make it easier to get into character again. I decided to drop that story until I can relate to the main character once more, which meant either finish what I have at hand or take a vacation.

While I sat ruminating all these ideas, I picked a previous short I was putting together based on events and conversations that I had turned fictitious. I began reading this story yesterday, wondering what to do with it and found myself really enjoying it. I went through some editing and realized I needed to add more detail as well. This is when I knew that I was enjoying that particular story so much that I could work on it without thinking of other ideas, and that no matter how badly I would like to finish the one I had begun in November, I needed to give it a break.

I also would like to apologize to all my author friends who have shared their works with me to read, but I am unable to fully concentrate and slowly give the book the attention it deserves, for I found I was rushing through the story when I first picked up Nature of the Beast by Jodi Langston to read. The book is written really well by the way but my attention was shifting elsewhere.

That being said, I need to do some research for that fiction story I mentioned above and I am putting to temporary rest my analysis and thoughts, reading and writing, and going away for some time. Delete, erase, rewind, repeat… I hope I will get back with some images or at least a refreshed mind.

“The four letters of love” is still due to come out, possibly by end of January on Amazon. Do check it out!

The four letters of Love book cover