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Here I am today excited about my latest video trailer for my upcoming poetry book on Love, “The Four Letters of Love“. (It is ok, Love is contagious sometimes, go ahead!)

I have noticed many blogs that speak about publishing and marketing for authors rarely mention book trailers, when I personally think they are a great introduction to a book, just like movie trailers, it is a sneak peak at what to expect.

Besides youtube, I wanted to share with you today Bookcaster.com where you can find video trailers for books and more, even upload your own video, like my Thinking Man trailer.

Video trailers leave an impression on the viewer, also advertise the book cover and name and is a free means of advertising. I recommend it to any author with a new book. Sure there are giveaways, free copies to win and so on, but I think video trailers are also as important. My opinion.

What do you think? Also if you are using other services that you would like to recommend others and myself, please leave a comment, and do not forget to also visit bookcaster.com 🙂

I leave you again with another book trailer/video; “Silence” by Zero-Project and “Silent Peace” a poem excerpt from “A Heartstorm” poetry book collection which was free yesterday for one day and did well in 70 copies of download. I think it is good for one day. I am hoping some of my kind readers would possibly leave a comment or review or a recommendation. Also Zero-Project’s New album “Untold Stories of a Dying Moon” is out.
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