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So here I am, one day prior to the advent of 2012, trying to schedule this post for 00:00 hours on 1-1-2012.

Will there be a malfunction in the system, I wonder, as was predicted in the year 2000, or will the post go through as intended?

Will the day after the tour of the sun stopped shining bring forth a new sun, or will doom reign on earth? Surely nothing will happen, once again because it is so predictable, and yet no one truly knows.

Will we wake up in thanks to a new day and a new beginning, at least number wise if nothing else, or will we all fade away in a deep and long slumber?

Will 2012 be a wonderful year for us all, and perhaps a change in our thinking and perceptions? Will the world be a better place? From my calculations, again my own perception of things, I find 2012 to be a promise of a wonderful year. I will tell you why.

Let us look at 2011 and add up the numbers. on January 1st the numbers totaled 1+1+2+0+1+1 = 6 which is not a great number given that 666 is known to be the mark of the devil. Haha. Not to mention of course 2011 is such an odd number!

Now take 2012. On January 1st, the numbers will add up to 1+1+2+0+1+2 = 7 which is the number for heaven or earth actually. So 2012, numerologically speaking is an earth year, a promise for earth to bloom, or so I think or perhaps like to think.

That being said, I wish everyone a wonderful New Year 2012, filled with dreams coming into a reality, passion, love, happiness, bountiful endeavors and whatever else one counts as dear or important in life. Above all, I wish for peace; peace between brothers on earth, peace of mind as individuals, peace from all unnecessary greedy wars and corporate slavery.

Like that will change!!! I can only hope, some miraculous blast will hit earth and reform our minds to see things differently as we become more compassionate towards each other and pay less value to monetary wealth in the form of a possession and/or accumulation. No one ever died and took the money and possessions along in the grave!

I am hoping 2012 will usher a new beginning of hope for mankind. Yeah, I may seem pessimistic about it all, it is only because we are almost seeing the end of the rise of our civilization, and like any other before us, we shall fall eventually, for everything that rises must yet fall again. I am only hoping our gradual fall will contain a better hope for a rebound…

I am no psychic, nor am I an astrologer, so suffice to say, I have no predictions for 2012, only hopes and wishes and a prayer here and there!

I have no idea what will I do with this blog either, and so I make no promises to blog or not, but I am currently working on a compilation of poems and little short rhyming stories for a book to come, that is all about love, in the hopes of restoring people’s faith in love. Why love? Oh perhaps because everyone wants it, talks about it, wishes for it to be true, and because in every fantasy there is some sort of romance and love happening which is a sign that human kind needs and desires love. Then of course, there is February’s lovers’ day, which should be an everyday ceremony as opposed to a reminder. Dot dot dot, etc, etc etc, tra la la : – )

I bid 2011 farewell and bury in it any unfinished projects, Oh no hold on, scratch that…. I bury in it any unpleasant memories and choose to move on to a better destination.


Image: jscreationzs / FreeDigitalPhotos.net