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Today, after what I hope was a nice Christmas for everyone, in the occasion of the tour of “The sun stopped shining” join me to welcome Renee Pawlish, Author of Nephilim series, the Reed Ferguson Mystery Series, Take Five, and mystery short stories, who is nice enough to do a guest post on my blog, and share some of her expert advice, that we may all need, on book publishing. Renee thank you for stopping by.

In Renee’s words…

The world of book publishing is rapidly changing. Anyone who has penned a book can easily publish it. But does that mean anyone will buy the book? Probably not, unless you have an aggressive marketing campaign. I spend the bulk of my time marketing my books. This can be difficult since I need to be working on my next novel, but it’s a task I take seriously. Here are some things to consider when writing and publishing a book.

The Basics

These are things you MUST do to be successful:

Write a great book

Get that book professionally edited, both for grammar AND story development

Create or pay for a great cover

It should go without saying, but unfortunately too many indie authors neglect these basic but very key steps (which is why I mention them). Yes, you’ll have to shell out some money for editing and so on, but if you want to sell books, you have to become a marketer, and having a great product (your book) is the first step. Skipping these basics will cost you in the long run (in sales).

Marketing Musts

I speak a lot on my blog (http://tobecomeawriter.com) about the main things any author needs to help their marketing efforts. These are:

A Twitter account

A Facebook Fan Page

A Google+ account

A Goodreads account

A blog

But here’s the key point – if you are not active with these, then don’t bother. Nothing looks worse than setting up an account and doing nothing with it. If it seems too overwhelming to manage all those accounts (and more), work with the ones you can keep up with. I blog about Twitter and Facebook tips, you can visit my blog for more information.

Familiarize Yourself with These Key Sites

The Internet is full of websites and blogs with information. I sometimes spend hours surfing (when I should be writing), but I’ve found a few sites that dish out valuable information. I’m sure there are many more, but here are a few of my favorites:


Joanna Penn runs a spiffy site – packed with great information.


Jeff Bennington runs a great little blog and he’s a great guy – his posts are worth the read.


This is a great site that supports indie authors – worth checking out.


Some of the information is dated, but it’s overall a great resource for writers.

Obviously, Nadina’s site is on the list, but since you’re here, you know about it :). Remember to keep writing. Very few people have a one-hit-wonder. Most successful authors, and by that I mean authors who are making a living with their writing, have only one book. For the indie author, having more books means more sales. And don’t forget your marketing as well. Good luck!

Once again, thank you Renee for sharing your knowledge and advice with us. To know more about Renee or follow her blog, please go to http://tobecomeawriter.com

And do not forget to visit everyone on the tour for interviews, giveaways and who knows what fun there is on everyone’s list, right? You can also check out the list of all the authors here.