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So now that 2012 is closely approaching

my first thought is a new beginning.

Of the things I learned during this year

some sound advice passed from ear to ear

none of which I learned much I fear,

and so sadly amnesia draws near

stating your membership has expired,

delete delete, erase erase, 2011 has retired.

Although I am part of the sun stopped shining blog tour, starting December 26th until the 31st, I have a strong feeling nothing will happen comes 2012. It is way too predictable; where is the element of surprise?

Yet someone believes that current events may lead to WWIII… Oh Heavens!

So make sure you hop around the tour before the sun stops shining upon us, meet new people, engage, release, detonate …

Make sure you visit us all cool authors here, while we try to make this a beautiful experience for everyone, just in case ūüôā
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Cheers ….. May your Christmas be gay and bright:)