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Good day to you all; )

Before we begin with the sun stopped shining blog tour guest post, I wanted to take a moment to give great thanks to artist Zero-project for mentioning me on the Haris Aronis internet radio broadcast show, where three of his beautiful songs from the upcoming album “Untold stories of a dying moon” are revealed.

I was touched to actually listen to my interview with zero-project (on http://interviewsbynadina.wordpress.com) as it was being read in its entirety towards the end of the show by Haris Aronis, to beautiful background music from the artist. (by the way, it would be a shame not to hear Secret passion, Appassionata or Romance, guaranteed to make you dream, feel, and drift ..) Thank you Haris Aronis for going to such extent in showcasing this interview, my first, with Zero-project.

Please take a moment to visit Zero-project’s site and listen to the broadcast episode. It is in Greek but you may enjoy the music.

Do not forget you can also purchase the entire album in high quality sound at Amazon, starting January 1st, 2012 .

Once more, I extend my thanks to Zero-project, for his fairytale albums are inspiring my next story/book : )

“Every moment creates feelings and every feeling can create a song. The feelings are always present in our life; only the incentives are changing.” Zero-Project.

Since I have no new songs to play for you, (although I assume your curiosity took you to the site by now), I hope you enjoy a classic remix by Zero-project – Sarabande