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Ladies und gentlemen, (:))

It is so exciting to see you stop by!

As you know it is almost the end of the year and something very weird might happen. Who knows if the sun will stop shining??? Join me and my fellow friends on the tour of the day the sun stopped shining and discover some new to you authors, cool stuff, prizes, and maybe even win something, just in case the sun does indeed refrain from shining comes the new year! Oh my!

The tour is said to begin on Dec.26th to the 31st…. Just in time eh?

To know more, visit http://sunstoppedshining.blogspot.com/

Among many interviews, watch for mine to come, and to begin, here is also an excerpt from The thinking man rules of the Drink. Who knows, you may need to set some measures for a drunk or two. Read an excerpt at http://cookinwithmisshavana.blogspot.com/

You may also find a pre-tour celebration by author Alesha Escobar at http://www.aleshaescobar.com/

Also I will be having a special guest during this time, author Renee Pawlish who will share some of her expertise on my site during this one of a kind event (Yes indeed, the does does not stop shining every day, right?). Vist Renee’s page to know more about her. tobecomeawriter.wordpress.com

Lastly, should the devil come visit you before the end of the year and asks if you have a final wish, given that it is Christmas after all (grin grin), what would be your last wish. (After all, most of you are coming to my lair, says he smiling with vampire like teeth that make you wonder if he is a devil or a vampyr!) Please share what would be your last wish. I would ask to be in his shoes for a day. Hehe.

Be sure to stay tuned to the pages above for more pages and splendid stuff to come…

See you Before The Sun Stops Shining….. A bientot.

1 Day later, I decided to add some action to this post, so here goes something to bring the battle on….