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After extensive research on marketing my self published book The Thinking Man, Paralysis by Analysis, I have stumbled by accident on this great page with numerous marketing tips and links to indie and self published authors looking to promote their books, authors like myself.

I will not re-list the links but here is the page that could be helpful to many: The World of Ryallon.

So I went ahead and listed my book on most of these pages, and have learned the steps for my next book.

Next in line is a collection of poems, 68 total actually, in one single book called A Heartstorm. The book will be available on Amazon shortly and I will post a few poems on this blog as well.

I was also thinking of adding an illustrated version of The Thinking Man for added laughter and sarcasm, though it may only be available in ebook format, as the print version is costly.

Lastly, I am now thinking of submitting my play, Le Duc to festivals and local theatres, int he hopes of having it produced. If all else fails, well, I have an idea in mind…

As for the app I have designed for the iphone, based on The Thinking Man book, I am still awaiting Christmas to get a Mac and begin the process, with many other ideas for app development, to come, as I have partnered with a friend in this new mission.

So for Christmas, if you are wondering what to get, you could get grand pa a copy of The Thinking Man‘s fun rules, or perhaps A Heartstorm for a poetry lover. In the meantime, do not forget that Earth and Venus, short love story, is still available free at Smashwords.

See you soon…