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I just received my copy of Le Duc for proof reading yesterday and everything seemed to be in order although I still need another pair of eyes to look at it. I will be going thereafter through the tedious process of eformat conversion for Kindle, Nook and smashwords. Le Duc should be available by the end of October 2011 and I will keep you posted on when and where. For now, read a synopsis for curiosity’s sake.

I am also in the process of testing an iphone app I have designed based on my book The Thinking Man, Paralysis by Analysis and should be submitting it to Apple soon. It is a free 10 questions test that will diagnose your answer based on The thinking man rules. It is fun, you should try it.

Also for the month of November, for all of you interested and planning on getting your xmas gifts this year, I will be having special offers for my books in all eformats. Check soon for more information on that.

Lastly, I am compiling a collection of poems that I wrote over the years and will be needing my two friend’s critical eyes to read and rate them for me. I have posted a poem I wrote at random on http://twimagination.com/b93g called The space between us. Read it for fun, and check out my Xena fan fiction story while you are there, if you still have not read it yet.