A gypsy heart can never suffice with a vacation.
Visiting a new place only instills the desire within to remain amongst the people a little longer, experience the culture a little more, become familiar with the way of life of this new place.
Once the desire and curiosity are appeased and familiarity settles, it is time for the gypsy to move again.
I am currently in Spain and although we did go around the area to neighborhood towns, I feel as though I do not know this place at all.
I want to do what people do on a daily basis, walk around the streets feasting my eyes on all they have to offer, from buildings to names to beach spots and every single alley that leads to a new place.
I would like to stay longer and learn the language of such people to be able to converse with them in their own native tongue.
Alas, finances are always an issue to gypsies and unlike older days, we no longer make a living by robbing people as some say.
I must go back though I dread the too familiar lifestyle I have adopted as of late and I know a piece of my heart will remain in this place until I come again.
To some a holiday is all what is needed, accumulating in the process memories and images, to others like myself, memories and images fade but the years spent in one place speak more for rememberance.

Until next time, beautiful Andalucia.
I will be sharing some images soon, though in truth a picture does not speak a thousand words when the spirit cannot feel what the eyes can see.

Lonely Planet Andalucia (Regional Travel Guide)