Hello all,
Today I have something to share and I am so excited about it.
Given the success of the thinking man, as posted on my blog, I have since come up with many other rules pertaining to many subjects in the same ironic view.
Thus, I sadly inform you there will be no more sequels to the thinking man post. However, you may be interested to know, a book of the rules is to be released soon.
Contents will include rules present on the blog with minor additions, the continuation of a woman’s world as well as the possibility of the below rules and instructions:
the visitor
the bar rules for men
the bar rules for women
the first date
the miser
the needy
the heart
the ego
The book will have a story of the thinking man relating all rules together for your entertainment.
Look out for the book to come out soon on Amazon, with more details to come.

I will be off to Spain in a few days and will come back with loads of pictures to share.
Your feedback on the book topics are appreciated.