This morning as I sat in the backyard drinking my coffee, I thought of all the things on my to do lists that I needed to get done. I knew time was limited and like most people it has been a while I have been stalling with what I wanted to do and what I had to do; things that I enjoyed doing but could not find the time to do, or simply things I needed to clear up but was not feeling up to it. Excuses were plenty of course and though I yearned for a change I was procrastinating. Perhaps it was fear that was stopping me, fear of change, fear of the unknown, or perhaps it was a combination of many things. My priorites became what was at hand and not what I really wanted to do. They say one cannot do the same things expecting different results, and like many of us here on earth, I too find myself doing the same every day but expecting some sort of a miraculous change.
And so as I watched the trees and noticed the slight wind brushing against my skin, I realized the soon to come change of weather and season. On the spur of the moment, I wrote a little poem, wondering when is the time to start. Today, tomorrow or was it yesterday?

Summer is gone, another leaf is turning
still on what to do, I am still debating,
Stripped, the trees turn suddenly grey
the day is no longer, to the morrow giving way
time is ticking announcing a change to the day
but the weather is my excuse for every delay,
the wind blows fiercer, destroying every nest
carrying dreams burried within my chest
birds have long fled, seeking shelter under the sun
and I await the coming days to start having fun,
the sun will reawaken, soon after this mourning
the twittering will resonate on a fresher morning
the trees will sway, dancing a rebirth song
will my excuses then remain or would they be gone?